My name is Said Mohammad. In 2012 and 2014 Wisam El Chayati, asked me to co-sign two student loans for him. When the student loans became due, he disappeared. He never returned my texts, phone calls, emails, or facebook messages. Since May, 2015, I have been paying the minimum payments for Wisam's student loans. I have contacted both his brothers Walid and Wasim in order to find help in paying Wisam's student loans, and they have not helped me at all in paying for Wisam's loans. The minimum payment on the loan is about $95 a month. We all know that Wisam can make that payment if he wanted to, but he chooses not to. Wisam is alive, and works as a teacher in Brooklyn, the last I saw. When I contacted his brothers, they contacted him, and they told me that he is aware of the loans, and that he will pay. So far, one year later, Wisam has not paid a penny for his 12,000 student loans. For pictures/screen shots of the loans click here. 

Some might ask why did I agree to sign for Wisam's student loans. The answer is that we were friends for almost 14 years until he decided to screw me over.  

I will not take this website down until Wisam El Chayati decides to pay for his loans, and pay me back the amount of money that I have paid towards his loans since May 2015. If this website is up, it means that he has not contacted me and has not paid towards his loans.